Jewellery Care

Top tips:
- Avoid getting your jewels wet & wearing in sweaty / humid conditions

- Avoid getting body creams / perfume / hairspray on the jewellery and make sure it has fully dried before you put your jewellery on

- Sharp objects can scratch the Perspex, so store your Finchittida jewels in a box or pouch when you’re not wearing them

- You can use a damp cotton bud to wipe away any marks on the Perspex charms, make sure you wipe dry with the other end of the cotton bud

- You can polish the chains with a polishing cloth or soft dry cloth

Material info:

Charms:    Coloured / Mirror Perspex
We make our charms from coloured / or mirror Perspex (an acrylic resin). The mirror Perspex has a stunning high-shine because it is made in the same way as traditional mirror: the clear resin is backed with a gold or silver foil, and covered with an off-white coating.

Chains:     22 carat gold plated brass / Silver plated brass
Our chains are made from 22 carat gold plated brass / or sterling silver plated brass. Our chains and findings are made by one of the UK's top manufacturers. All gold & silver plating naturally fades a little over time, but you can keep your jewels in good condition by following our jewellery care instructions.