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We've created custom designs for Warner Brothers and critically acclaimed music artist FKA twigs, who has performed worlwide in Finchittida fashion jewellery & accessories.


FKA twigs - music video

Choker & Leg Harness

We designed custom pieces for FKA twigs' in the music video for her latest single "Glass & Patron".      We made a custom gun-metal choker & gun-metal leg harness that FKA Twigs' wears as she vogues fiercely down the forest catwalk with her tribe of audacious dancers.
We work closely with Twigs and her stylist to create truly iconic pieces for her to perform in. Designing for someone so unique is a collaborative process. It blows our minds every time we see the jewellery we've designed come to life on Twigs as she performs. Twigs has a magic ability to bring all our creations together.




FKA twigs - Coachella #1

Choker & Bracelets

We made FKA twigs custom jewellery & body harness for two captivating performances at Coachella music festival.
For her first performance at Coachella, we made FKA twigs a Finchittida Savang choker &   Sala bracelets in gold.


FKA twigs - Coachella #2

Body Chain


For FKA twigs' second show at Coachella, we made a custom bodyharness in silver mirror perspex and silver plated chains, engraved with our signature Laos patterns.

Custom Finchittida bodyharness


FKA twigs - London & New York shows

Choker & Leg Harness

We created a custom pair of leg harnesses and choker for Twig's London & New York shows. 
It's rare to meet someone who personifies everything you envisage when you put pencil to paper & start designing but last week this became a reality. The mesmerising FKA twigs took to the stage at her sold out London show in Finchittida jewellery. It was an unforgettable moment for us and we are honoured to be recognised by an artist who embodies such a profound representation of our brands identity and ethos!


Finchittida - Custom Leg Harness & Choker

Warner Bros Film - Jupiter Ascending

Mila Kunis - crown


We worked with Warner Bros to create the iconic crown worn by Mila Kunis in her leading role as Queen of the Universe, in sci-fi blockbuster "Jupiter Ascending" directed by the Wachowski siblings (creators of The Matrix trilogy).

Watch the trailer here: