Lotus Dragon Hoop Earrings - 14k gold filled

A pair of understated gold hoop earrings for men & women.  Made from polished 14 carat gold fill in a lightweight medium sized hoop earring, this minimal design features Yama, an ancient dragon revered in South-East Asia for its strength and power.

- Earrings can be worn individually or as a pair

- Super lightweight

- Engraved detail

- 14ct Gold Filled Hoop Earring (gold fill is a thicker and more durable alternative to gold plating)

- 24mm diameter hoop



C U S T O M I S A T I O N :

Our new customization options enable you to create a necklace to suit you; choose the colour of your dragon, chain and length of chain using the tabs above.


S P E C I A L   G I F T   S E R V I C E :

FREE on all orders over £50 - just write "gift wrap" in the Order Notes

Direct Gift Service - we can deliver the jewellery straight to the recipient, just write the recipients address under Shipping Address.


T H E   C O L L E C T I O N

The limited-edition jewellery collection features intricate wirework, handcrafted using traditional South American techniques and Finchittida’s signature laser-cut motifs, finished with polished gold / silver plating. Finchittida worked closely with Chilean artisan Marcelo Martinez, learning the principles of this ancient tradition, and creating cross-cultural designs that respectfully unite both her South-East Asian heritage and South American craftsmanship.

Watch the "Making of Culture Clash 1.0" here



'Culture Clash' is a new collaborative project by Finchittida, bringing together a diversity of creative minds, art forms and philosophies. The first project in the series; 'Culture Clash 1.0' is an exploration of personal adornments, cinematography, sound art and movement, resulting in this distinctive limited-edition jewellery collection and its accompanying fashion film.


C O M P O S I T I O N  &  C A R E

We advise you to store your jewellery in its packaging or a jewellery box when not being worn to protect the jewellery & keep it in good condition.

Hoop diameter: 24mm

Pendant height: 2.5cm

Pendant width: 2cm

Pendant thickness: 3mm

Pendant: Gold mirror / Black Perspex

Metal: 14 carat gold fill

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