June 08, 2015


Twinstyle shoot with GAP

"London-based jewellery designers Lisa & Tida of Finchittida add their unique touch to their Gap staples. We love how they accessorise with their own edgy pieces.

Lisa wears her destructed resolution slim straight skimmer jeans while Tida goes for the true skinny style." GAP #styldby

Lisa (left): Finchittida - Empress Bodychain

Tida (right): Finchittida - Mini Bodhi Earrings & Savang Choker


London Sunshine

"Designer duo Tida and Lisa, founders of London-based jewellery brand Finchittida, take a break from their studio to catch the last bit of sunshine.

The pair accessorise with their own Finchittida jewels while keeping their looks casual in Gap's coated bomber jacket and 1969 destructed resolution true skinny high-rise jeans."

Tida (left): Finchittida - Sala Necklace & Mini Palace earrings

Lisa (right): Finchittida - Metta Earrings


Classic Studio Style

"The London-based Finchittida twins perfect their studio style in Gap's classic trench, pullover sweater, and their favorite Finchittida jewels."

Lisa (left): Finchittida - Palace Necklace

Tida (right): Finchittida - Mini Metta Earrings & Kindred Neclace


Photography by: Alexandra Leese




May 31, 2015


EYD 2015

We have written an article about #FFbombsquad for  the EU's - European Year of Development project.

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May 25, 2015


The premier of True Cost

Today we went to the @fash_rev premier of the @truecostmovie - a truly poignant & emotive documentary about 21st century issues. It brought tears to our eyes, but has pumped us with so much fuel to change the fashion game. We strongly believe that fashion has the power for positive social change that's sexy as fuck, and it starts with everyone watching this film. It will be released to the public on Friday 29th May - so if you wear clothes GO WATCH #TheTrueCost

#FashionRevolution  #FASHIONGIVESAFUCK

May 15, 2015


FF babe: Lianne La Havas is back

The shhmokin @liannelahavas wearing our first ever Finchittida choker design back in July 2013. Lianne's back with her second album #Blood, after some time out exploring her Jamaican heritage. Check out the album & new single Unstoppable:

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May 04, 2015



We're out in Laos with our partners in crime MAG. This year marks 40 years since the end of the #VietnamWar but in reality the war is not over for many Lao people. #UXO (unexploded bombs) left by the war is a terrifying reality for communities in rural parts of Laos. On this trip we met brave individuals who had been mentally & physically scarred by UXO. Many had lost their limbs or had witnessed their brothers/sisters/mums/dads/cousins killed in front of them by UXO during the war. 40 years & 2 generations on these people are still facing the same horrors from the same bombs lying dormant in the ground. We spent our last few days in Laos with MAG whose courageous & inspiring teams find & detonate UXO in Laos, making it safe for people to live their lives. Thank you MAG for your incredible work & for a truly life changing experience.

#MostBombedCountryOnEarth #FashionGivesAFuck

May 02, 2015


FF trailblazers: Women Who Dared To Change The World #1

#FFtrailblazers : Women Who Dared To Change The World

1) Aviator Amelia Earhart - the first woman to fly an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean [1928]

April 20, 2015


FKA twigs wearing custom Finchittida at Coachella Music Festival

FKA twigs wears custom Finchittida jewellery & body harness for two captivating performances at Coachella music festival. More pics here.

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April 08, 2015



We are in Laos for a month making a documentary about our beautiful motherland & #FFbombsquad mission. Follow our adventures on @finchtwins

March 25, 2015


ASOS Podcast

Been recording a podcast with ASOS about starting our label - stay tuned!

March 24, 2015