Today I rise into into my own as Finchittida.

I was born at 22:43 on Tuesday 15th August 1989, precisely 19 minutes after the light of my life & twin sister Lisa. My Mum & Dad were not yet married, so my Mum with her mystical logic decided to call me 'Finchittida' - a weird and wonderful concoction of my Dad's surname 'Finch' and 'Tida' a Lao name meaning "royal daughter of the heavens".

For most of my life I tried to keep my full name a secret, as a kid I feared being bullied for having a weird name, and whenever people found out my "true identity" I would be mortified... wishing I could curl up in a ball & disappear as others laughed and made fun of me.

Then one day, in my final year of university my tutor Kathy said to me,''You were given a designer name, so why not embrace it?!"

After graduating I decided to take Kathy's advice calling my label Finchittida. But still, I harbored a lot of fear... I was scared of running a business by myself and under a name I had not yet grown into.

Throughout my life I had always done everything with my twin sister Lisa. I didn't think I had what it takes to run a business without her... so I asked her to join me. Lisa was reluctant at first, she hadn't envisioned running a fashion label, especially straight out of uni. But one thing we both knew, was that we loved working together. To my relief Lisa said yes... And we officially launched 'Finchittida' as a duo in December 2012.

Lisa & I worked side by side on Finchittida, mostly from home, dedicating every waking hour of the day & weekends. We learnt everything on the job and grew fast, but after 4 years going 100mph, we burnt out. Zero work/life balance had led to chronic stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

In August 2015, Lisa & I went on a life changing trip to Mexico. It was our first non-work trip in years. By taking a step out of everyday life, we suddenly found ourselves living life to the full! Realising we had developed unhealthy work and lifestyle habits that were seriously hindering our wellbeing and happiness, we knew things had to change.

It was this moment of pause that brought about our two year hiatus. Like two baby Finches the time had come for us to fly the nest, which meant the end of Finchittida the brand...

2 Years on...

It has now been 2 years since we embarked on solo voyages of self discovery. Lisa & I went from spending nearly everyday together for 26 years, to living on opposite sides of the world.

I found myself caught in a downward spiral of depression and self destructive behaviour. My twin sister who was basically the other half of me, was no longer by my side. My whole world had turned upside down, and I felt lost & alone.

The only thing I knew for sure was that I just had to ride out the storm and experience everything it had to teach me, no matter how scary or painful. Every time I fell, I would pick myself up & start over again. And the times that I couldn't, my magical safety net of loving friends & family around the globe were there to catch me. <3

Through every fall, knock-back, high and low I learnt and am still learning how to be whole & complete within myself. I find that the more open my heart & present my mind, the easier & happier life is.

Yoga and meditation are my saving grace, and everyday I continue to find calm and clarity through the storm (of what is clearly my own mind-made chaos) with these practises! It is in this place of calm and pure conscious awareness that I finally feel the courage & compassion to be true to myself as Finchittida Finch; a Tantric artist in my own right.

I am excited to connect with you all on a deeper level, and thank you for supporting me & my sister along the way.

Love, light & gratitude :)

Tida <3

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November 26, 2017

I think if I’d heard your name when I was little I would have been so jealous and the meaning is beautiful. I changed to Marigold as a child until I was told by the school I had to change it back for safety. Ha.
I’ve been so inspired by your brand since my mum and I found you and your sister in a pop up shop in London and mum left the earrings she bought from you in the were so kind and posted them to us. (She’s recently lost one and is devastated so will be purchasing some new ones for Christmas!) I’ve loved following your successes ever since and I’m sorry to hear you’ve also struggled and can empathise wholeheartedly.
Thank you for being so kind to me and my mum when we met you and I wish you all the best xx

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