We're out in Laos with our partners in crime MAG. This year marks 40 years since the end of the #VietnamWar but in reality the war is not over for many Lao people. #UXO (unexploded bombs) left by the war is a terrifying reality for communities in rural parts of Laos. On this trip we met brave individuals who had been mentally & physically scarred by UXO. Many had lost their limbs or had witnessed their brothers/sisters/mums/dads/cousins killed in front of them by UXO during the war. 40 years & 2 generations on these people are still facing the same horrors from the same bombs lying dormant in the ground. We spent our last few days in Laos with MAG whose courageous & inspiring teams find & detonate UXO in Laos, making it safe for people to live their lives. Thank you MAG for your incredible work & for a truly life changing experience.

#MostBombedCountryOnEarth #FashionGivesAFuck

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