Changing the world: the fun & sexy way

This was the first time we've spoken out in public about our mission to help Laos - the most heavily bombed country per capita in history, and our vision for a purpose-driven, fun & sexy world.

We are so touched to hear from people who are acting on our message. Thank you and thanks to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) - it wouldn't be possible without you!
Lisa & Tida #FFbombsquad  


"84% of our millennial generation consider it their duty to make the world a better place through what they do & who they work for."


JC - one of the co-founders of Movember gave an infectiously funny but poignant talk.

Movember have been monumental in improving awareness of men's health, started by 2 ozzy guys in a pub, the Movember foundation have raised £346 million to date for men's health - saving and improving the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. Their first cheque was the biggest cheque Australia's Prostate cancer charity had ever received, and at the time it was the biggest killer of men in Australia.

This talk particularly resonated with us, Dr Edwina Thompson has put her life on the line to form relationships with 'extremist' groups from other nations, to understand their perspective and consults the government on the right way to build & heal these relationships.

With the growing instability of relationships between nation states her work is particularly poignant.

Hannah Witton is one to watch, she is a breath of fresh air, the UK's only sex education vlogger - we want Hannah as Minister of Sex Ed (a crucial position that does not currently exist).

Lesson learnt: Don't always surround yourself with similar-minded people to you, if you want to grow & achieve more take yourself out of your comfort zone.


Isabel Chapman is working with gangs across the UK, her work uncovers the complexity of the issues faced, and how elements of the criminal system perpetuating gang crime.


"Is incarcerating children the answer?" Whitney Iles works in young offender's prisons, she is getting to the root of what's really troubling youngsters, and addressing the issues straight on rather than banishing these kids from society.


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