10 ways to save the world with vivienne westwood


1. “Life is like a cross-country walk - you’ve got no idea what’s going to happen to you but you can make choices. Make the right choices.”


2. “We live in a terrible world. Please wake up to it and see what you can do about it. Everything we’re told is a myth; a made-up story. You have to get the true facts because information is power.”


3. “We are on a point of the most urgent, life-threatening situation regarding climate change and politicians really don’t care – you can’t puncture their complacency. Unless we do something, we’ve had it. I appeal right now to young people because if young people became more active and took a stand, I think that would scare the shit out of governments all over the world.”


4. “Despite all of the negative aspects of social media, let’s use it for good. We so desperately need public opinion. We need to find a way of making social media really threatening and make everyone aware that people want change.”


5. “The one thing I’m really proud of regarding punk is that it started with the hippies and helped to fix in the mind of young people that you should never believe anything the government tells you!”


6. “We’ve been told that the past is rubbish and that everything is ours. We can do what we like because we’re all so wonderful. Be a fashion designer! Be a brain surgeon! Do what you want! NOT TRUE!”


7. “Go to art galleries. Going to an art gallery is not consumption, it’s free and you’re not doing anything but engaging with the world.”


8. “Stop using plastic. I didn’t buy any strawberries last year because they were all in plastic boxes – try to go to a market… buy some cherries and put them in a paper bag. Start by doing little things.”


9. “We have to fight fracking. Find out what it’s about – it’s incredibly stupid. If we don’t win this fight, we won’t live to fight another day. It’s so urgent.”


10. “Form groups. You can’t do it on your own. There are so many interesting things that people are doing – whether human rights or whatever it is that you believe in – everything is connected and it all helps. If you first focus on just one thing, you will start to understand how it all works."



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