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The launch of Finchittida Finch’s AW ’14 collection is as politically powerful as it is stunning. With a celebrity following by the likes of Rita Ora, Leanne La Havas, and Yadi, the partnership has been making waves not only for its unique pieces of jewelry, but for its humanitarian efforts as well. Partnering with MAG charity, the sister-brand is committed to clearing previously war-torn areas in Laos of debilitating weapons and explosive depris, making it possible to establish safer communities in physically dangerous areas. Founders Tida and Lisa’s work in Laos has shaped their inspiration for the latest collection, which pays hommage to ‘courageous,’ culturally diverse women like Laos Princess Savivanh Savang as well as the pair’s inspirational mother who survived the Vietnam War.

With Finchittida Finch’s embellished crowns and pieces like the chain mail skirts, body harnesses, and chain chokers, the brand claims to make any woman feel like an Empress. With Malaysian-Polish model Li-Ann ruling the lookbook with her imperfectly-beautiful scar across her stomach, the brand hopes to inspire other women to gain power through embracing imperfection. A lesson for us all—now where to wear that gold crown?

Words by Boni Mata 

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