A date with Downing Street

Last month we were invited by to Downing Street to tell the story of Finchittida Finch and suggest ways in which the government can help small businesses like ours.

The meeting was organised by *Enterprise Nation - one of the UK's best support organisations for small businesses. We were one of 15 new businesses given this opportunity, we met with the Prime Minister's Enterprise Advisor - Daniel Korski and told him all about the beginnings of Finchittida Finch.

Since starting Finchittida Finch, we have spent hundred of hours researching resources for new businesses, this is a common task for all new business owners. There is A LOT of support out there, but it involves hours of detective work to find it. We suggested that the government send out information packs to individuals when they first register their business, detailing all the resources and support available - it would have a massive impact, enabling faster growth for new businesses, saving thousands of wasted hours and pounds,  pointing out crucial support we don't know of.

Other vital suggestions included the availability of wi-fi on trains/the tube for when working on the move, having hubs outside the home office to learn from experts and meet business buddies, and the jump to business rates when taking on office space or moving onto the High Street.

* Enterprise Nation provide a supportive community to help small businesses in the UK flourish - they host regular events, informational blog posts and essential books. On top of this Enterprise Nation provide a campaigning voice for small businesses.

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