Hungry Finches

Here's an exclusive look behind the scenes of our shoot with Hunger Magazine. 

Tida (left): Finchittida Finch - Lan Xang necklace & Buddha Bangle, white shirt Cos 
Lisa (right): Buddha Bangle, black shirt Maje


Hunger Magazine - Issue 6 - Mighty Blighty

For Tida and Lisa Finch, setting up their design label, Finchittida Finch, was the most natural thing in the world. The half-Lao, half-English identical twin sisters have been united in their creative flair since day one.

“Our mum was a dressmaker, so she’d make us all these really cool 80s outfits. From a young age we’d dress up in them. We even wore them to nursery. We were really overdressed for nursery,” Tida tells us. The duo launched the brand in 2012, taking the inspiration for their aesthetics from their heritage. “It’s kind of like Lao Baroque with a London edge,” says Tida, of their striking statement pieces.

Being twins and business partners could take its toll, but it seems that, on the whole, the sisters see their inseparable lifestyle as a positive. “Starting a business is a 24/7 experience, and I think the fact that we’re sisters and we live together has made the process go a lot more quickly. We’re always having meetings,” Lisa explains. “There have been times when I’ve been out without Lisa,” says Tida, “and I’ll come home and wake her up in the middle of the night because I’ve had an amazing idea, and we’ll have a meeting right then and there!”

Though they ultimately want to expand the business from jewellery into a full lifestyle brand, Lisa and Tida also have more altruistic aspirations. They eventually want to work with craftspeople in Laos, contributing to the country’s economy, as well as working with their local community in Peckham: “We’re not trying to be eco warriors, but we want to inspire people to think about what they buy and what that means, and live more ethically and sustainably.”

What’s your favourite British meal?

Tida: “Roast dinner.”

Lisa: “Can I say porridge? We nicked this recipe from Leon about three months ago, and we have been eating it ever since.”





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Photography: Eva Pental
Fashion Editor: Anna Hughes-Chamberlain
Hair: Shukeel Murtaza using Bumble & Bumble
Make-up: Eleanor Andrews using Chanel Le Lift
Words: Angelica Pursley

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