A Fashion Revolution has begun. Find out why & the easy way you can join in

The Fashion Revolution is a movement to clean up the fashion industry. Too many brands and high street chains are mass producing clothes and accessories cheaply at the expense of the people making our garments or accessories.

It's important that we understand how our clothes are really made and start asking who is making them.

The truth is, our clothes are made in life threatening working conditions, last year one of the biggest factories; the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed. This factory produces clothes for our high streets. 1133 people were killed, 2500 injured, and 800 children left orphaned.

It's time for something to be done, the Fashion Revolution is encouraging brands to be open and honest about how they are making our clothes and accessories, to stop these unethical practices.

Finchittida Finch are backing the revolution, we have shown exactly how we make our jewels in our Access All Areas blog post. We are also sending out all Finchittida Finch jewels with Fashion Revolution postcards, so you can get involved!

It's really easy!

Use Instagram / Twitter / Facebook to post a picture of yourself:

1) Holding: your Fashion Revolution postcard
2) Wearing: your FF jewels & your clothes inside out
4) Link: all the brands you are wearing
5) Use: the hashtag #insideout

Have a look at the images already posted under the #insideout, this has gone global! We look forward to seeing your posts.


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