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Jewellery and talismans

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Culture Clash 1.0 film

Finchittida's philosophy

"I create soulful pieces that evoke the beauty and wisdom of my Lao heritage, with distinctive designs that stand the test of time."


Cross-Cultural Craftsmanship

Finchittida worked closely with Chilean artisan Marcelo Martinez to create Culture Clash 1.0, learning the principles of this ancient craft to create a distinctive cross-cultural collection of jewellery and talismans that respectfully unite the spirit of South-East Asia and South America. 

The limited-edition collection features intricate wirework – handcrafted using traditional South American techniques adorned with Finchittida motifs, finished with gold or silver plating. 


Letter Necklaces



Oversized Earrings


Silver Jewellery

Bracelets & Cuffs

Body Jewellery

The Empress Experience

Would you like to receive your jewellery with a healing distance-reiki session?

Coming soon